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Behind the scenes: how to build your own sqarespace website with Jeff Bridges.


The world is filled with too many restless people in need of rest – that’s why I filled my sleeping tapes with intriguing sounds, noises and other things to help you get a good night’s rest. – Jeff


Trouble falling asleep? Oscar winner Jeff Bridges to the rescue. He’s known as the star of popular films such as The Big Lebowski, Tron and True Grit, but his latest project is an album for you to listen to before falling asleep: Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes.

Bridges’ calm voice lulls you asleep with 15 tracks of stories, meditations and musings. If you need cheering up he provides affirmations such as ‘you are a good person’, ‘you order well at restaurants’ and ‘you are very good at guessing when a traffic light turns green’.

Jeff talks about how he used to meet his daughter Isabel in their dreams:
‘I would say: “I’ll meet you by a special tree” and then we would dream about that tree and we would meet there and we would fly around that tree.
Wow, mutual dreaming, that’s dreaming in the big leagues.

The Sleeping Tapes are beautifully made. They have an intimate feel to them, as though Jeff is sitting with his old cassette recorder at the kitchen table, or walking with it through the woods. But don’t let the rough edges fool you: Jeff worked on this project with composer Keefus Ciancia for the surrealistic music, it was recorded in the Playback Studio’s in Santa Barbara and the final mixes are done by Grammy Award winner Doug Sax.

Will it help you sleep better? I don’t know, but it was definitely soothing. And it made me smile. Jeff’s calm voice has a sincerely kind quality to it. And now that you mention it, I DO order well at restaurants.

Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes are streamed online on, and available on cassette and limited edition LP.
Okay, it is an advertising for build-your-own-website platform SquareSpace, but oh so charming.

(NB: technicality – the sound did not work so well in Firefox, but perfect in Safari).