While dreaming, your mind is hard at work. Emotions and memories are active at full speed, your brain is making new connections.

In a dream analysis we get the benefits of all this intuitive thinking to the forefront, by listening. I ask lots of questions about the dream, and listen carefully to your highly personal descriptions and associations.

The interview method was first described by psychiatrist Carl Jung, and goes far beyond any dream dictionary ever could. In a modern and more elaborate version, psychologist and dream expert Gayle Delaney explained it furthers in some very helpful books.

In the end, it’s all about you.
You have the subconscious wisdom, you are the one making the connections. After all, you know yourself your entire life.

Together, we find out what your dream is all about, and how it relates to your life.

And I get to be amazed by how smart you are.

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