Join a sleep-on-it session – the most restful brainstorm.

Nowadays more and more people talk about dreaming as “sleep mentation,” a term first used by Harvard dream researcher Deirdre Barrett. Her research shows that we can solve problems in our sleep, literally dreaming up solutions. It makes sense, as brain scans show that the sleeping brain is wildly active, and spends its time making creative connections that wouldn’t happen during the day. This magic is what makes your dreams so weird, but it also helps explain why you sometimes wake up with exciting new ideas.

Sleeping on a problem works so well – how can we take it a step further?

Imagine sleeping in and coming up with fresh perspectives while doing it… seems like a dream, right? It kinda is.

I work with my clients to help translate those dream flashes into coherent, applicable ideas. And it’s a technique proven throughout history. For example, look at rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. Their hit song “Sweet Home Alabama” partly originated in a dream.

How does it work?

  1. We talk through your problem, and I give you the best tips and tricks for getting the most from your sleep.
  2. You sleep as late as you like. Possibly later.
  3. Well rested, we get back together and talk through your dreams.

No worries if whatever you remember from the night before seems to make no sense. That’s where I come in!
We dig up your brilliant insights, and figure out how to apply them in the day.

The Sleep-on-it sessions are available in Dutch or English.

To book a session, just email me at

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Talk to you soon,


Pro tip: Scent helps steering the sleeping brain in the right direction. Dutch speakers, read this research done by Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.