We all know that sleep is important, but let’s take this to the next level. What if you could actually work while you sleep?

Thinking while you sleep, it sounds to good to be true. But actually, while our body rests, our brain is hard wired to get some work done. Sleeping on a problem is one of the best ways to get a new idea. Brain scans show that the sleeping brain is wildly active, and spends its time making creative connections. This magic is what makes your dreams so weird, but it also helps explain why you can wake up with exciting new ideas.

If sleeping on a problem works so well – how can we take it a step further? Imagine sleeping in and coming up with fresh perspectives at the same time. Not just by accident, but by design. On exactly the topic that you were wanting to work on. I think this is a life skill that we can all learn, and I want to help you develop it. Let me teach you the tricks, tips and tools. Together we can create the most relaxed brainstorm ever.

But what if you wake up with random thoughts and weird dreams instead? No worries, I got you! Don’t dismiss your nightly brainstorm just because it seems illogical – mining gold from dreams is literally my day job. Let me work with you and surprise yourself with unexpected, applicable concepts.

You will never feel guilty again about sleeping in. In fact, it might be your most effective thinking time.

Do the sleep-on-it challenge

Want to make the most of your sleeping brain? Sleep in while being productive at the same time? Let’s go for it! A sleep-on-it challenge is done via Zoom and looks like this:

Day 1, 20 minutes
We kickstart your brain to make the most of your sleep.

Then you sleep as long as you like.

Day 2, 30 minutes
We study your dreams and ideas together. I will help you find gold in your sleep thinking. This is where the pennies drop.

Currently, I am beta testing the sleep-on-it challenge. If you like to apply for a test slot, please drop me an email. You can pay me back by giving your feedback. And trust me, there will be many questions. There might even be feedback forms.

How do I join?
Simply drop me an email at welcome [at] droomcoach [.] com.
Sorry for the weird format for that email address, I got tired of spam. You probably too, so I promise to only send this one email.

Hope to talk to you soon,


PS Want to hear a testimonial? Here you go!


Bonus: “How to build a business in your sleep” with the Big Little Business Show

In the podcast Big Little Business Show, I talk with hosts Clare and Paul about the sleeping brain. We discuss what you can do to improve your sleep and how dreams can help you to run a business better.

One tip mentioned in the podcast: Scent helps steering the sleeping brain. Read all about the awesome research on this done by Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.